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Update of Glaucoma Cases

I recently blogged about David E. Woodward, who settled his case against the Veteran’s Administration Palo Alto Health Care System.  Mr. Woodward had never received adequate glaucoma treatment.  A letter went out to 380 veterans that they had received substandard glaucoma … Continue reading

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Death by Liposuction

What are the risks of liposuction?  Not many, especially when you consider that the patients who get the procedure tend to be otherwise young and healthy.  These patients are not seriously overweight, but typically seek contouring for unsightly folds of … Continue reading

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The Cheapest Healthcare Money Can Buy

Why do we buy the things we do?  Sometimes we make purchases quite rationally, being careful to weigh benefits against costs.  Other times we buy impulsively.  In any case, we generally like to think that that we have gotten our money’s … Continue reading

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What’s Fair in Texas

No sooner do I write about the Arkansas Court of Appeal reversing a $100,000 verdict for leaving a sponge in someone’s belly than a Texas jury awards $4.08 million to another victim for the same blasted thing. Both of these … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to Hospitals?

Earlier this week, two doctors and an administrative assistant filed a  lawsuit against Santa Clara Valley Medical Center alleging substandard care at a government hospital.  I worked at government hospitals at the beginning of my career and knew how inefficient … Continue reading

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