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Human Multitasking

I came across a forthcoming article, Supertaskers: Profiles in extraordinary multitasking ability, which caught my attention even though it had nothing to do with hyperbaric oxygen or the neurologic conditions we treat at Atlanta Hyperbaric. Other studies have shown that … Continue reading

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Robots to the rescue

Robots are transforming medicine.  You can find them now in the operating room, the cardiac cath lab and the radiation oncology department.  So, when I came across a robot study used for stroke rehabilitation from the recent American Stroke Association … Continue reading

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New information about blood pressure and stroke

Every patient at Atlanta Hyperbaric gets his blood pressure taken. Measuring a patient’s blood pressure has become a ritual part of the medical examination since the early twentieth century and it didn’t take long to discover an association between high … Continue reading

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Video games and stroke

Recovery from stroke is a major effort of Atlanta Hyperbaric.  Hyperbaric oxygen resupplies blood flow to the stroke penumbra, which leads to direct recovery of functional brain tissue, among other things.  Rehabilitation from stroke generally depends upon brain plasticity, or … Continue reading

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