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More on concussions in kids

Atlanta Hyperbaric helps kids with traumatic brain injury, but for various reasons the problem tends to be understated.  As I discussed last week, the terminology we use can be confusing because parents and physicians alike often downplay a mild traumatic … Continue reading

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Concussion v. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Which people suffer long term problems following a bump on the head?  We frequently have to answer that question at Atlanta Hyperbaric and the current use of medical terms may add to the confusion.  At Atlanta Hyperbaric, we follow the … Continue reading

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Two new stroke studies

Atlanta Hyperbaric treats stroke patients and we always look carefully at new stroke research for ways to help our patients.  From time to time reports come out that raise important practical questions and today I want to discuss two of … Continue reading

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Autism clusters

Atlanta Hyperbaric treats children with autism so we like to report about new studies of this disorder.  It has long been suspected that perinatal exposure to a toxin is involved.  Thimerosol in childhood vaccines, for example, has received widespread attention … Continue reading

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Why we don’t use hyperbaric oxygen for cerebral palsy but the Chinese do

I bring up this issue because we supposedly have a free-market medical system and the Chinese–well, they’re communists.  Has the free market failed yet again? Actually, I’m one of those true believers who thinks that markets never fail.  So, my … Continue reading

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