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Pediatric stroke

From time to time, Atlanta Hyperbaric gets a child referred for hyperbaric oxygen therapy who has had a stroke.   Although most of our stroke patients are adults, and older adults at that, it seems like awareness of stroke in … Continue reading

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MRI brain scans

I frequently order MRI brain scans.  My patients, of course, come to me with various brain injuries or other brain diagnoses, such as autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, etc. for hyperbaric oxygen treatment, so it is no surprise that the scans … Continue reading

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High blood pressure and cognitive impairment

High blood pressure is the leading risk factor for stroke.  Hypertension is perhaps the most controllable of the various risk factors and, with many effective medications available, it is frequently possible to get a patient’s blood pressure into the normal … Continue reading

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Mild traumatic brain injury

Not long ago, medical students were taught the rule of thumb that if a person younger than about 60 remained conscious after head trauma, he likely did not suffer any permanent injury.  As psychological testing and radiologic imaging technology became … Continue reading

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