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Hyperbaric oxygen before cardiac bypass surgery?

This clinical trial from the UK looked at an unusual indication for hyperbaric oxygen.  Many patients suffer mild neurologic injury following surgery involving cardiac bypass, the most common of which is surgery for  coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG.) The kind … Continue reading

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Cerbral palsy: the Collet study

In 2001 the prestigious English medical journal, Lancet, published the only double-blind, randomized study of hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of cerebral palsy ever performed.  In the ensuing eight years, no one has attempted to extend or even replicate the … Continue reading

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Is more research needed?

I’ve read many research papers that end with the conclusion, “More research is needed to determine X,” X being whatever the researcher was trying to prove in the first place.  In fact, the more-research-is-needed theme has almost become a de … Continue reading

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Video of a patient

Dr. Paul Harsch of Louisiana posted this video showing the dramatic improvement of one of his brain-injured patients following treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.  The patient had been involved in an automobile accident that left him severely disabled and shows his … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Atlanta Hyperbaric blog

I will be posting commentary on different aspects of hyperbaric medicine, especially about the use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat neurologic injury and disease. But, any medical issue I find interesting in hyperbaric medicine will probably find its way into … Continue reading

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